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A blessed life

We pride ourselves in providing hand-made faith based jewelry. Our Word Charm Bracelets collection features word-based reminders of your faith. Our Cross Charm Bracelets collection features the power of the cross and a constant reminder of redemption.

We Donate 10% of Every Sale to Charity

We believe the bible is clear: You must without fail give a tithe of everything your seed produces in the field year by year.

We are proud to support mission based organizations with 10% of our sales. Each month, we select a different non-profit organization.

This month we are supporting the Grace Malnutrition Center.

Faith is a powerful force that can be used to overcome many things. Fear, for example, is something faith has the power of conquering. In this faith-based guide to overcoming fear, we will discuss how faith and faith based practices can help you fight off any fear in your life. We will also give you tips on what steps you should take if faith doesn't work the first time around

Forbearance is an essential fruit of our Spirit. Have you ever tried to grow apples in the winter? If you did, you probably wouldn't be as successful as if you were to produce them during their prime peak season. Practicing forbearance in our life reminds us that there is a season for everything, as Ecclesiastes illustrates in 3:1-22. As we wait and trust in God, just like how we wait for crops to grow after being planted in the soil, we can trust that growth is happening even when we can't see it. 

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